Thursday, August 30, 2007

Write A Book?

QUESTION: If you or your past or present significant other became famous enough to create the market, would you consider writing a tell-all book?

MY ANSWER: Not me; I'd blabber! I'd end up telling so much sleazy and treacherous shit that I'd ruin all chance of ever getting laid or loved again!

Feel free to send me your own answer. Better than a sharp stick in the eye, you know...


  1. Uh . . . YEAH!!!

    I'm just waiting to write a tell all novel about someone. I don't even care who.

    -- P

  2. Well, as long as it's the filthy repulsive truth and not some damn sugary fiction, I guess it doesn't matter who it's about, either. We are all blessed in America, I guess...


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