Thursday, August 09, 2007

Page Rank and Polls

Did I ever mention that my Page Rank fell from 5 to 4? Out of a possible 10. I liked being at the halfway mark, but 4 makes me wonder if I should write more about sex and violence. Or include photos of Britney's shaved head or of Christ's hair shirt? I could even run a poll (or survey) to see who loves me and who doesn't, but those new Polls from Blogger don't ever work that I've heard yet and they're a lot of trouble to delete. I got along without one before all this, I can get along without it now. I do know how to delete the damn poll if you get one trapped in your blog, I think--I deleted a couple of them, one the way it was supposed to work, the other way was the hard way! But not that hard.

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