Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Two Nations Meet

You intrigue me,
But you don't much entertain me.
Have you been here all this time
Or are you just visiting?
Are you proposing war or peddling peace?
Anything could be the case,
We are all such put-on's
Even when (goddamn) the time is running out.


  1. U make new entry, does it mean u feel better?!

    In any event, I'm for peace.

  2. You must've written this in an auto-trance; I can't remember writing it!

  3. I was talking to myself, not Calista! Meanwhile, who is Calista? Secret identity?--email me then. Curiosity killed the cat, but it keeps the rest of us from dying of boredom!

  4. I'm peddling peace, my friend.

  5. Ron, there are not secrets, I express myself through my blog and my profile.

  6. I was just being curious. Hopefully it won't kill me...

  7. I like your trance induced poem, Ron. Just one small improvement (for me) would be "proposing peace or peddling war." Peddling always sounds a little devious and up to no good (like a used car salesman).

    Hope your legs are feeling more normal today?

  8. Well, not to disturb you, but it was an intentional of the words. Reversing the standard manner was meant to draw attention. Besides, in a trance, one can't expect logic.

  9. Ah! I see. Kind of ironic. :-)

  10. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question on Google. I checked out your site and find it very creative and amusing. I enjoy your self-deprecating comments. Sonja Coryat


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