Friday, August 31, 2007

More Perfection?

I think I've got this subscribe/notification stuff working now, or at least it notifies ME! Someone else will have to tell me if it does any more than that. One little problem with it is that I am used to performing fairly immediate rewrites and revisions, but I may have to curb those a little in future. It didn't matter before, but if some people are only going to see the copy that's emailed to them (their choice, not mine) and since only one copy per post is ever sent, I need to have it more finished and pristine that I've been doing! La di dah, I'm so upset because I can't get it perfect... Always have been, always will.


  1. Yeppers. I do the same thing! After a quick look, I am essentially blind until it's published, then to my abject horror, I find errors in the post I know I didn't personally write. Some alien being's are responsible. That's what it is.

    I start thwacking the post into submission.

    Doggone it!

  2. Same aliens (same family, anyway)!

  3. There's probably a Law about this phenomenon - a bit like Murphy's Law.

    How about Ratty's Law -
    "Any errors, omissions or blunders will show up only after publication of blog"

    Or words to that effect - you could write it better than I can.


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