Thursday, August 09, 2007


Quack, quack, take me back, I fell in a spoon with a feathered loon, and everything's gone powdered. I haven't touched drugs or drink in about 20 years, and I'd just as well it stayed that way. I don't want a goddamn cigar, not because they might not be good--a couple of free Cuban cigars I had once were a lot like heaven!--but I don't want to smoke anything for fear of my stupid addiction to cigarettes regaining control over me. It's no pleasure to be a slave to some bizarre longing for burnt leaves. So speculate all you want, I am still here, even if it's just one goddamn paragraph!


  1. I too had the same fear, but find that cigars do not make we want cigarettes. I can puff (not inhale) and get much pleasure from just the taste of the smoke from a fine leaf without fear of the little evil sticks.

    I may go a month without ever touching a's for quiet times or special times...not for habit relief!

  2. I am such an addictive personality that I don't want any of my old bad habits to be refreshed or ressurected. I know my weaknesses. I used to smoke 3 packs a day, so I always fear I could form that habit again in about 3 seconds flat. True or not, I just prefer to abstain from all temptation. But it suits me, somehow, not to try to be one of the manly men who drink whiskey, watch football on TV, and smoke.

    I don't think I even know anyone these days who smokes, at least not so that I'd personally run into it.


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