Saturday, August 11, 2007

Comparative Numbers

The numbers here keep moving slowly and the counter clicks on Most Frequent Blogger Questions (MFBQ) keep climbing fast. In a month or so, the numbers on the newer blog will catch up and surpass the older blog. That seems strange to me, but reality has always been strange to me. This blog increases by dozens while the count at MFBQ increase by the hundreds and thousands!

Of course, it's apples and oranges to try to compare them. This blog gets the handful of demented devotees who haven't been insulted yet whereas MFBQ gets all those hits from people who pass through once to get a single answer to what's bugging them and then go on with their lives. I would, too! But, still it feels like TRS is not much read these days. Maybe I should post nude photos of me squashing a hamster?


  1. No u shouldn't. U are ok. I like your posts and read them, although not always make comments.

  2. Another country heard from! Hello, Zagreb.

  3. Same here. Just because you don't get comments on every single post doesn't mean they aren't read frequently. As for photos of hamster squashing, it seems to work for Joe Cartoon.

  4. I think I make grammatical mistake.

    I'm impressed, how did you find me, (my country)?!


  5. Non-commenters of the world unite!
    And then beat yourselves up!

    But, anyway, I gotcha.

    Wait: I know Joe Camel, but who is Joe Cartoon?!

  6. Zagreb and Croatia showed up on my SiteMeter counter information. I seldom check anything but the big counter # of visits, but there's a lot of information on the counter sites, though not your street Address or Name! So I wasn't spying, but being curious. You're welcome at any time.

  7. Joe Cartoon is cool. They do animations of things like "Frog in a Blender" (my favorite) and hamster in a microwave. Just add a dot com to the name and you'll find it.

    Not sure I want to see a real hamster squished though.

  8. There are no Real hamsters.


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