Friday, February 16, 2007

Support The Troops?

I can't believe to what extent every politician in the country is playing the same word-game that Bush is playing about "supporting the troops". How would ANYONE not support the troops? And why does everyone evade the obvious, that in a situation where we've already lost the war and lost the support of the American people, it would better serve us to support the troops by sending planes, trucks, boats, lawyers, guns, and money to help them withdraw as fast as conceivable?

Why do we want IN ANY FASHION to delay? Why fight a war that only Bush supports under the pretense that otherwise we are "failing to support the troops"?

Is everybody in the damn country stupid? Are all the politicians crazy? Bush doesn't want to support the troops himself; he wants to expend their lives in fighting for HIS war. Being too sorry to bring the troops home when the war is lost—we can see that we can't win it—THAT'S not supporting the troops, goddammit!

And please don't pester me about being a coward. Of course, I am! But the men and women in the U.S. services aren't, and we owe it to them not to leave them in Iraq to die just because George Bush has this phony concept that HE is a brave and resolute man! Resolute, stubborn, stupid, yes. Not brave.


  1. Get them the *&K OUT of there Ron! How many more babies do we have to sacrifice for ....hmm what are we fightin 4:?????!!

  2. You'll get some heat about this one, I think, but not from me. Sadly, the "word-game" you describe must be played because the radical right wing has defined the semantic landscape. But it's still a game. A deadly, despicable game. Unless we come to our senses right now, there will be a trillion spent and a million dead before it's over.

  3. I didn't realize you are moderating your comments. I hope you'll let the trolls and the goofballs have their say about this. They are entertaining, at least.

  4. I'm with you, Ron, and the bumper sticker that reads "HONOR THE DEAD, HEAL THE WOUNDED, END THE WAR!"

  5. SeamRippstress, I appreciate your view.

    Larry, I don't care if I get shit about it. But I don't won't allow the fucking Beasts to comment, I'm just tired of that. Otherwise, I can see you're as uptempo about all this as I am. We are being far too civilized in this country just now. We need to dump a truck-load of garbage on Bush.


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