Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Too Sensitive

Tell the world that I was too sensitive,
That’s the only explanation I have,
Even though it’s stupid.
The problem was never what was too expensive
Or too far away or too beautiful for me—
It was just as is.

Maybe I was undeserving, but that’s not the reason why
Nothing could ever go right or come to me anew
Or ever stay in my darkroom. It was just bad DNA
Or some kind of kinetic or intuitive or intrinsic madness,
Not to mention that I just resent being interfered with.


Current draft: 2/17/2010
Created on 2/13/2010 11:51 AM


  1. You're being very hard on yourself! But it's a good poem.

    I can relate a wee bit.....'obtuse' is the adjective I'd pick, or how about 'too discerning' - stemming from the attitude you describe in the last line, an attitude I share (to a lesser extent).

  2. Obtuse is a good word. Too discerning is a good phrase, too, but here it would sound like overt bragging and not as forthcoming as my posturings in the rest of the poem!


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