Monday, February 08, 2010

Pejorative Words

I feel so tired,
I feel like I’m struggling with the whole world.
I probably am.
I have always been uncooperative,
Single-minded, stubborn, even relentless.

I don’t suppose that there are many “nice” words for it—
They are probably all pejorative and unforgiving,
But still I like the things I think! I always have.
But I don’t like feeling tired without perspiring
And I don’t feel like I can keep on slogging.

Current draft: 2/08/2010
Created on 1/21/2010 2:31 PM


  1. Yeah - well you were born when Sun was in Aquarius - I've lost your birth date along with other data, when my computer crashed, but I do recall your b'day is around now - or last week.
    You are stubborn, of course - it's as much a part of Aquarius as being artistic is part of being Italian or being sophisticated is a part of being French. So there
    IS a nice word for it: Aquarian. I like it - I'm one too. We're from the same zodiacal country.

    Sorry you're feeling tired and dis-spirited though, Ron. The coming spring might lift some of the gloom. Hope so.

  2. ARE married Aquarians faithful? I'd like to think not! bring a bottle of Good Cheer whiskey so we can have something to blame it on.


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