Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Past Readers, Present Poems

I wonder where all my past readers have gone? I don't check my Site Meters very scrupulously or spend much time at decoding them, but the numbers are worse than they used to be. Also, when I was popular (or just stumbled across with frequency), I used to have more comments from strangers as well as more comments from steady readers, both of which indicated that some visitors did more than glance at the posts with glazed eyes. I have to confess that I liked that!

Things have changed. Gossip says that Twitter and Facebook and such have drained away readers from the blogs, and that may be true. I think my glamor and appeal have simply evaporated, leaving me as some kind of unattractive canker sore on the buttocks of the universe!

Even so, it's all good, for it's left me with more time for writing poetry, a craft that will, equally with blogs, NOT earn me a living, get me laid, or pay for my front-row ticket in heaven, but it will please me on occasion to have constructed or created a few more things that are "new under the sun"!

If you also write and would care to swap critiques, I'm not sure that it would be "great", but I am a little interested. The worse thing I will say to you is that I may not have anything to say at all, but you could try. If you'd like to tell me what you like most or dislike most in one or more of my recent poems, I would be interested to hear it. My ego is a pretty large one, so you probably won't kill me. I'll just get petulant, at worst. I am tired of writing so much in a vacuum, though.

And if you'd like to risk it, I'll see if I can say something constructive about your writing.

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