Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lady Severe

The mature woman pictured on the Internet
Was probably only a little older than me,
Yet I realized I’d been thinking of her
To myself as “the old doll on that blog”
And thought I should take a second look.

She does look a little severe, I thought,
But she’s still pretty foxy, whatever her age,
And it wouldn’t be much to confess that for a while
I dreamed about a roll in the hay with her or
Even just an exploratory kiss
Between Mars and Venus, so far apart,
Or between this circus clown and Her Majesty!

Of course, I’m about as likely to meet a Queen
As some mythic movie star like Marilyn Monroe
Or some historic heroine like Joan of Arc.
I can’t help but wonder if she’d be very angry
If I very politely lifted the hem of her dress?!

Bless her, she looks like
She hasn’t been kissed for way too long.
Maybe she’d like it, despite her words and glances,
Even if it mussed her hair or wrinkled that dress.
I could chance it. (Take a cha cha cha chance!)

Her hard earned wrinkles
Would not dissuade me,
I’d give it a try even if I had to climb over a fence!
But of course there’s my own wrinkles, and I’m no prince.
I might fail to impress her at all—
She might rather kiss a snail.

Sometimes these things can sneak up behind you
Or you look up and she’s such a Beauty
Right there in front of you!
You wish suddenly
That you were a handsomer and a richer man
And that your quiet charms were evident
Instead of all your faults!

With all her own life and death problems to distract her,
She probably wouldn’t be ready for my sudden clumsy onset
Or my neuroses trying to climb on top of her.
My apologies, dear Lady Severe,
For being so rude—but fuck it, I don’t care.

I’ll just remain very quiet over here,
Though I’m tired of solitude,
And you can keep your head buried in that book
And I’ll dream deep about parting your legs
And we won’t have to face anyone or discuss any look!

Still I wish you would talk to me,
Talk to me, talk!
Just because I was born like this,
With ennui and awkward conversations already in my head,
Doesn’t mean I like the stupid shit I talk about!


Current draft: 2/11/2010
Created on 1/18/2010 11:41 AM

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