Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Have Turned Loose

I have turned loose of everything,
I sometimes think,
And it’s close to being true.
Whatever remains isn’t much,
Doesn’t justify my attitude,
Won’t rectify my course
And in hard times won’t even help me
Rationalize my way out of a paper bag!

I’m trapped and haven’t hung on to much
Beyond the pettiness of the physical world.
Not much of that, either, but
Any character or any morality or any well-being,
That’s certainly all gone to hell,
Or quite diminished, and that’s as good as gone.

Gonna buy a new dump-truck,
Gonna Make a new plan,
Learn to spell my name right,
Empty my trousers of sand.

Whatever else there is,
I misspent it or I abused it
Or maybe I simply misspelled it.
I outlasted some parts of myself in an ill wind
That blew no one any good, yet
There is no merit or gain in any of that!

I’ve reached an age where near companions
Say, “You’ve made it this far, so why worry?”
I don’t know why and I don’t know why not, either.
I wish I could give it all up,
Just fling aside my attachment to it
Like it was a soiled old work-sock,
But I can never pitch it far enough!
It lingers still!

Gonna buy a new dump-truck,
Gonna Make a new plan,
Learn to spell debt and debtor right,
Empty my bedpan of sand.


Current draft: 2/8/2010
Created on 1/15/2010 5:00 PM

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