Thursday, November 16, 2006


I don't know when I'll get around to completing the Beta process on this site. Eventually, I will. I will have to start building from the ground up. I built the site an hour or more at a time over years, I didn't get it done all at once. I used to have old versions of the template saved that went back to the beginning. Now I've changed computers so often that some of that history got lost. It never mattered except to me, of course. My four years of blogging stretches out in my memory, and seems almost as lengthy as my life has been (though at 58, that's unlikely!). In any case, I remember a lot of the stages that the blog template went through. I remember learning HTML before I even discovered blogs.

I am starting to feel a strong itch to just go on and start the process of change and rebuilding. But it's as if new cars had suddenly been redesigned to run on beer cans and garbage and no one was selling gasoline anymore! It's a forced break with the past. It won't matter much to many people, but it will matter to me. I like my blog like you like your dog; I'll hate the change when it's gone. Yet I'll go on and on till I'm dead.

What was it that Country Joe and The Fish said all those years ago? "Whoopie, we're all gonna die!"

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