Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Eye Surgery

I have a cataract surgery at least tentatively scheduled for early in January. I'm not sure my brain has yet absorbed it. It is expensive, but not as much so as I feared, so suddenly I feel like it's something doable! I see that they say in general that surgery can really help, though the eye doctor warned that it may be only a degree of help in my case due to mine being diabetes-induced. Or something to that effect. In short, though I've heard good things can come of it, he soft-pedalled it to me with that caution. I guess I'll be back to thinking of it as very expensive if it doesn't make much improvement.

Shitfire in a basket! (Maybe that's a Texas idiom; I learned it as a child.)


  1. I've known a number of folks to have had remarkable results, and it seems to be a very common surgery today.

    So, here's hoping for the best for you, Ron.

  2. Don't think of it as an expense, think of it as, maybe an "investment for the maintenance of the equipment"! Even if parts are gettin' hard to find for the older models!

  3. What they said. They've got amazing technology nowadays, and they do that shit all the time. Like falling off a log, so buck up. There's no courage without fear, someone said.

  4. It will be fine and we'll see as much a difference in your attitude as you will in your sight.


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