Thursday, November 30, 2006

What The Waitress Thought About It

(From Dogger Gatsby's 1978 Notebook)

Dogger Gatsby continued speaking sympathetically to her about her health, but at the same time he looked distracted, as if he was having other thoughts. Even the bearded man who’d started watching them could tell that Dogger’s eyes were traveling up and down her long slim body. She looked pretty plain and unprofitable to the older man, but Dogger seemed to think something else. The older one chewed his food and wondered what she thought about it. He wondered what it'd be like to fuck her. He didn't realize it at first, but he'd begun to chew his beard along with the sandwich.


  1. Now THIS ONE is more in my league! The last sentence is the trophy-winner!

  2. Bruno, are you the only sex-crazed bastard reading me today? Must be!

  3. Yeah, everybody else has LIFE-STYLES they have to contend with! I guess when we told 'em to "get a life", they really did!

    P.S.---Wait 'till Mushy gets back from Key West, then we'll have THREE people who need help!

  4. That's why you need to trim that sucker. Comb it every once and a while too.


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