Saturday, November 11, 2006

Funk & Mull -- Sounds Like A Law Firm

I've gone along in a long funk the past month or two, partly annoyed with Blogger making the change to Beta just when I'd begun to master the old Blogger, partly fucked up because of medical situations. I grew more and more bored and more helpless and more intimidated by it all.

I have now come out of that funk just enough to jump into the Beta pot! Is it hot chocolate or is it glue! Or is it shit? I don't know. Although I'm not really utilizing Beta for this TRS site, I am using it in a dummy site (test site) called TRS TWO (see sidebar).

I am also using Beta in Most Frequent Blogger Questions, utilizing it for the presentation and appearance, but all the info presented is still pre-Beta. I am not master enough of any of the new info to try to disseminate that Beta info. Not yet. In Beta, I am still bouncing along and asking myself, "Whut was that?" or "How do you do that?" over and over again.

Welcome to another new absurd world, I guess.

You may have heard me go over all of this before. But it's what I keep having to mull over.

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