Sunday, November 19, 2006

Polemics, by Dogger Gatsby

Every time I tried to compose a comment just now, a thousand things collided in my head and wrecked my brain. I have nearly nothing to do with American natives (Indians), but I can recognize when a people is being crapped on by self-deluded white people who congratulate themselves as humanitarians since we didn't ACTUALLY exterminate the last remnants.

No country's history is much different or much better, of course--everybody's land was stolen from someone and their cultures destroyed or nearly destroyed in the process. The original Hawaiians would have probably disappeared by now, if it weren’t for the tourist trade.

Anyway, you are quite right and I have to shut up now as my face always gets quite red and my heart beats too fast when I think about it. Where did anybody ever get the idea that justice or fairness really exist, I wonder? I guess I was sold a bill of goods when I was a child, then didn't grow up.


  1. Don't know why but everytime you post, Bloglines annouces that you have 23 or more new posts!

    What does Beta do with the info anyway?

  2. The only real hope any ethnic group has in America is to assemilate. It used to be if you had Indian blood, you were a half breed. Nowadays, to have any Indian blood at all, as I do, is to be held as an honorable thing.

    One day when whites, blacks, Asians, Mexicans, and Arabs are all mixed up in the great melting pot (sex) we won't know or care about the differences. Then maybe we can get down to worrying about something else - like peace, cancer, hunger, etc.

  3. I think the "original Hawaiians" were probably killed off by the Polynesian folks we stole the place from. And if we hadn't, the French or Brits would have. Like the original Britons, killed off or assimilated by the Celts, who were then in turn overrun by the Romans, and then the Danes, and then the... You get the picture. That's history, and it continues now in places like Darfur. People suck I guess, all over the planet.


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