Friday, November 10, 2006

Save The Life Of My Child!

I'm confused. Though I've "gone" to Beta, I think I'm stuck in some halfway nether world. In order to "customize", you seem to have to "upgrade" your template to one of Blogger's boring current ones. If I do that, I'll lose all the hundreds of hours I spent in customizing this blog! I started out with a much older blog template, but it's no longer normal, since I've made many changes and Blogger has also made changes in the template styles it provides.

I hope I'm missing something, but it appears to me that I have to throw away a great deal of past effort before one can begin to utilize all the new Beta features. This will require even more effort if one is to end up with a template that even looks interesting, much less looks like my old template.

Maybe it's possible to do some things that I haven't understood or found yet. I hope so. I made this change because I was bored and because it was ultimately unavoidable. The change was coming within a couple of months and would at some point have been forced on us. Maybe I'll have to give up this old style of extreme decorations in the end. I'm not eager to do so, however.

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