Monday, November 20, 2006

Beta And God

I got so used to being a knowitall (not quite) about Blogger that I was doing okay. Now that I've converted to Blogger Beta, things work fairly well, but I find that there's a learning curve to it. I am also old and slow, but I knew that! But I'd developed such a habit of answering questions in Blogger Help Group under the classic system that it's hard to restrain myself when people ask questions now. I try to judge whether my classic info will still apply or if I need new info. Sometimes I'm sure, and sometimes it's a guess. If I screw anybody up because of it, I'm sorry. But I won't kill myself. I'm going to splash around in that puddle whether I save you from drowning or not! I ain't your mama; if you drown, I'll blame God. He's known you longer than I have.


  1. Did you hire a new decorator or did I read my MapQuest directions backwards again?

  2. Ah, there's those kissable lips again!

    Uh, excuse me, did you say something?

  3. an educated guess is better than nothing. :) At least you're able to stear people in the right direction, even if you aren't 100% sure abut the answers.


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