Sunday, November 26, 2006

Harbor Template

I don't mind this Harbor template all that much, now that I have added back some of my decorations and background colors. The sky is nice enough, but I have no fondness for the Lighthouse or whatever it is. I think I've seen in the template 2 or 3 jpg's that appeared to be separate parts of that background image, so I may later figure out how to delete one or all of them. Since I have enough colors in the post backgrounds, I wouldn't mind getting down to the minimum or to a blank page.

I put my photo back in at the top due to complaints from the peanut gallery! If some of you other peanuts now hate it, that'll just have to be the misery of the Silent Majority; it is not something I consider much. I always figure that "the squeaky wheel gets the grease"--or the squeaky rat! Know whut I mean?!


  1. Wait...were they complaining cuz your pic was there or cuz it wasn't there? *ducking* LOL!

    I wish Blogger offered some plain backgrounds. You know like this page, for instance, if they removed the light house like you said, but just left the light blue/white combo running across the top, I'd be happy with that sort of background. But their color schemes all seem incredibly dark or garishly bright.

  2. And dat's de truf!

    All corporations conduct surveys to see what's what, so I guess the public likes these choices.

  3. I don't miss the first post you used to have with the false date. I really disliked that and always thought it threw some poor ignorant slobs (like me) off. If you just clicked on your link and that was all you saw, then some (like me) assumed you had never updated and passed on, missing the jewels of wisdom you had posted below the screen view.

    Please, pretty please, don't bring that back!

    I can live with your mug at the top, after all, I see mine everytime it opens!

  4. Well, when I came up with that, changing the date was the only way for it to stay at the top. Now I have options. So, there!

  5. Hate to admit this, but I too am glad to see your ugly ass, er, I mean, face back on top of the pile! Kind of an icon, especially for a "Blogger Celebrity"!

  6. Another little frog heard from! Oh, well...


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