Friday, November 03, 2006

Tough And Rough

I dropped a few from my "Intelligent Blogs" list this week. No antipathy, just lightening the load. No relationship had ever developed there and no comments to and from, either, so I dumped them. Maybe they weren't weird enough; certainly I myself am a very weird and cultivated taste. I take up with these blogs because they're clever, but I only keep them if they're either decidedly likeable or think that I am. Is that playing too tough? I think not. But you never know. We are all diamonds in the rough, but I still like to see some sparkle now and then. The funny thing is that at the other end, I sometimes make some great friends with whom I don't immediately exchange links. Or maybe never do. It's a mixed up world.

So there you go--my blog, my world, my rules. Be glad you have your own!

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