Saturday, November 25, 2006

Fame And Fortune

I keep forgetting to write this up, though I've pestered most of my friends with it by email. Blogger Buzz has given me along with three others an attaboy (pat on the back) for useful work performed in the Blogger Help Group. We have been declared Blog*Stars!

Hell, everybody likes recognition, even a rat-bastard like me. Though the fame is small and the fortune less, it's still a pleasant thing. My ego may balloon up and carry me away in the first strong wind!

Is this what they mean about being a big frog in a small pond? I expect so. Of course, prestige is not usually a horse that one can ride very far. Most shining moments are soon dimmed, but this is pretty nice!

All you little frogs, beware!!!


  1. I can now (honestly) say I know a "star"!!!!

  2. I've been meaning to say, your heart looks nice and gooey. I wonder whether to eat it or kiss it!

  3. If it was covered in icing, I'd have no problem making up my mind...


  4. On fire, bleeding, and iced! Yum!

  5. Okay you two...take a cold shower - together!

    More aptly a little mouse in a barn full or rats, but our favorite mouse nonetheless.

    Congratulations Ron.

  6. I think the metaphor you are looking for, instead of a big frog in a little pond, is a big tur...oh, never mind. Congrats on the honor.


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