Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More Bilious Universe Blather

I hope that I've now placed my Site Meter back in operation here and the StatCounter in MFBQ. Not long enough to see the numbers increase, so I'm guessing. I've determined that my mailto is scrambled, but it's at my end; readers can apparently still email me with it. I don't need it to work for me on my own site. However, I won't be able to use the mailto on other people's sites, so I guess I better know the important addresses already! I think I do. So, uh, fuck the universe! You know?


  1. Other than these problems you have listed, everything is peachy-keen then, huh?

    That's OK! If you happen to disappear one night, we'll search through hell and high-cyberspace to find you! Just remember to SCREAM real loud for us!

  2. Bloglines said you had 14 new posts!

    Well, I only read this one and you're doing fine.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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