Monday, November 06, 2006

Flu Shot

I drove to the county health department this morning to get a flu shot. I can’t believe I let myself be scheduled for 8 a.m. but that’s what happened. It was so early for me! I usually don’t get up for an hour or more past 8. My eyes were wide open (no sleepy sand, you know), but I guess I was so taken aback to be abroad in the land at such an early hour that I got lost and ended up 20 minutes late, though no one seemed to mind. Except for me; I was embarrassed about it. One trouble with that hour is getting caught here and there in the heavy traffic going to work. I’m not used to that any more!

I seemed to be the youngest person who was there as a patient. Only some of the workers were younger than me. The flu shot was $20. I overheard a couple of elder men being told that the pneumonia shot would be $45—ouch! So I got by on the cheap side, I guess. This is only the second year that I’ve gone for the flu shot in recent years, but I’m getting to where I think I need such things. I’ve been so sick with diabetes and fatigue and such over the past year that I’d hate to cultivate any extra diseases or disabilities.

I don’t guess I will, but I feel like going back to sleep. If death were as good as sleep, I don’t think I’d even mind about death any more. Sleep is damn good, except that it’s hard to wake up.

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