Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Shirts

I think I buy shirts now the way that I always understood how women go shopping. It never made all that much sense to me how women might derive pleasure from shopping or from buying things, but now I'm certain that I'm doing it, too--I buy some things, new shirts in particular, in just that way! I do it to cheer myself up. Not much, but some. So now I own more short sleeve shirts that I used to own shirts of all kinds before I lost so much weight. For that matter, I own more long-sleeve shirts than I used to own shirts of all kinds!

I'm still fat, it's not as if I look as good as the underwear models in magazines, but regardless of that, I just enjoy buying the shirts, whether brand new or the fifty-cent ones from Good Will, that are new to me. If I buy five shirts for fifty cents each, I don't feel like I'm stealing them from some impoverished fat man who's worse off than me. Long ago, I worked at a Good Will store for a couple of weeks and I learned how they operate. There is not only a large numbers of shirts and other items that are SOLD there, but shirts that linger too long are soon "culled" for the giant bales of rags that the store produces for industrial clients. That ugly thirty-dollar shirt your aunt once bought you won't go to waste. At the least, that hideous shirt will make a great rag for custodial workers or garage mechanics somewhere. My sense of guilt is nil.

Wish I could remember to buy for the current season, though; a couple of weeks ago, three of the five shirts I bought so cheap were long sleeve instead of short sleeve! So now there's two of them that I've never even tried on for size! You see, I have little resistance.

The bedroom closet is nearly full now with approximately 20 short sleeve shirts on the left and another 20 long sleeve shirts on the left! Well, there's some pants in the middle, but not that many. The tiny area for haning clothes in the towels closet is also full. Maybe I can commandeer an extra closet somewhere! What's in YOUR closets?


  1. One of my closets is full of clothes that used to fit me 10 years ago and clothes that fit me now that are hand-me-downs from my mother. My other closet is full of fabric for quilts, although I haven't worked on a quilt in going-on 10 years.

    Have you ever bought anything from Goodwill, ended up not using it, & then donating it back to Goodwill? That's my M.O.

  2. Yea. I've bought shirts I really liked only to discover they were women's blouses when I got home. It's okay if they were effeminate, but I couldn't retrain my fingers to do the buttons backwards. I can't understand how women can so casually wear their boyfriend's shirts when women's buttons are a horrorshow for me!

  3. Men's shirts are designed to be buttoned by the person who's wearing them. Women's shirts are designed to be buttoned by someone else, from back in the days when rich women had maids who helped them dress. So women's buttons are backwards but we learn how to do them when we're little.

  4. I guess that's one of the reasons why women are superior. Things menn can do, women can do them backwards and wearing high heels, not to mention bras that button (okay, hook) in the back!! I don't hate being male, but I don't think I could handle being female!!!


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