Friday, July 04, 2008

Fooled Again

No real email today, but three spam messages filtered through, only one of which looked "innocent" enough that I mistook it for an MFBQ reader email and opened it. That chaps my ass. I like to just delete them without prejudice if they have that "spammy" look to them. I have to give it to Gmail, they do filter hundreds of such messages and only a few ever make it to me. There must be some incredibly stupid or bored people in the world who keep opening spam. As just noted, it's a rare thing for me to do EVER! Fooled again, though.

And what's happened to July 4th?! Usually in Texas, idiots will start their private fireworks at least two days early and maybe two days past Independence Day, but I haven't heard anything to mention so far! Has Marshall Dillon come to town and pistol-whipped them all into compliance with laws that have long been on the books but long ignored? I like it this way, but I've always been a pervert who wished the local loons weren't having so much fun on their residential property, day and night! I hope the Marshall has whipped them, but I doubt it. Everyone here also violates the fire laws all the time by burning debris on private property. We are all outlaws in this township, but I suppose that someday we'll have to get around to obeying the laws we pass. Probably not today. Not on Whooping Independence Day.

Ann, are you redwhiteandblue yet? Probably take a little longer...

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