Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Celebrating Me

And The Me Blog

This makes 1,643 Posts! Isn't that weird? Anyway, it is to me. I remember when I didn't know if I'd write a second post. Boy, was I confused!

I wonder, though, how many Real posts I wrote—that were of serious length and/or pertinent and/or well-written and/or goosed somebody who really needed it—and how many of them were really just fluff made of daffy duck feathers coated with thin air? Most of the fluffy ones have been those labelled Quotations, Daily, or Erratic. There's more, but why pillory myself? After all, I was having more fun than a boy can usually have without using his penis! I have loved the blogging, sincerely hated Blogger, changed or did partial renovations of my template endlessly, and along the way I probably explained different parts of the blogging experience to more than a thousand people. And yet I still don't know my ass from a hole in the ground!


  1. The penis mightier than the sword. That's what they tell me anyway. What would the blogosphere be without the fluff?

  2. Wow, it's amazining that you and I are only 4 posts away from each other.

    I'd guess that's absolute confirmation that we're both old guys with nothing important to do with our lives.

  3. I just know there'd be less fluff if there was more standard penis action!

  4. Loren: may be true, but did you have to tell all these galoots? They probably thought I was getting all this done in five minutes a day!

  5. My, my. You just keep on plugging. Since I've done the daily post thing, mine have gone to fluff. It's okay, as long as it's marshmallow!

  6. Umm, Fluffy Bunny, I just LOVE marshmallow as an occasional treat!


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