Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Questions

So What's the answers?

It's frustrating when you know all the answers but nobody bothers asking you the questions. Or is it the other way round? It is, for me!

  1. What color is food?
  2. How tall is that couch potato?
  3. How loud is your dandruff?
  4. Does "duck" have two zeros or one?
  5. Can you hand me that machete?
  6. Can you wipe the blood off and pass it over?
  7. What did your nurse have in her hand when I came in?
  8. How long is your tongue when you're not lying?
  9. How thick's your length when you're hammered?
  10. How hammered is that hamster?
  11. What can you hear when you cup your ears?
  12. What song do you sing when your ear's full of tea?
  13. What time is body odor?
  14. How hard is yours?
  15. Why not, if you're here legally?
  16. If I'm turning grey, does that mean I've been saved?
  17. If I've been saved, will it show up on TV?
  18. Is this dark enough or will you require a sharper knife?
  19. Why's this shadow
  20. Why is it called 5 o clock when it lasts all day on a man?
  21. Why is it not polite to speak of a lady's leg or lip shadow? Is nature shameful?
  22. What made is badly bed?
  23. What bed is made by maid?
  24. What maid is made by bed?
  25. If my head is screwed on right, can I count that as sex for the week?


  1. Impolitisms with George in mind.

  2. Thanks for the smile, I needed that. :)

  3. That's about what I had in mind! The poem that follows, "How I Shine", is even better for you, I hope. It's supposed to have good cheer!


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