Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sugar-Free Snack Patrol

Hill & Valley makes some fabulous, great big oatmeal raisin cookies, big enough for the greediest of cookie monsters! That's the ticket—ummm.

Alas, there are no more of the big damn cookies at present. I ate the last one just minutes ago. Hope I remember to get some more next time I'm at Wal*Mart. They aren't inexpensive at $3.47 for a dozen, but they're sugar-free and tasty, and you know that can't be bad!

Another brand of very good sugar-free cookies is "Gotta Have", the stupidest name for a product that I can recall, but they are inexpensive, it seems to me. (No link for them at present, so either they're new or dumb.) I always forget the name if the package isn't right in front of me, so I have to search for it rather than have a store clerk go get it for me! But, at least for this diabetic, they please the taste buds with 3 different types of cookies:

1. one is a fudge covered graham cracker.
2. another's an exact ripoff of Keebler's chocolate stripes on shortbread.
3. lastly, some kind of frosted oatmeal cookie.

I realize I failed to give the exact names, but I generally eat 'em, I don't make personal friends with 'em! If you try them and they suck, send the unused portion to me and I'll dispose of them in a sanitary manner.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Day and enjoy your healthy and tasty cookies!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Ron. Enjoy the cookies and all else !

  3. What do you two know about Turkey Day? One's too far away and the other still learning!

    But both of you know better than to expect good manners from me, I guess!! Quack, quack!


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