Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nobody I Know

Nobody I know is up so late unless they're working or in pain. Guess I better give it up. Happily I fall asleep like a log most nights. I don't know why. I used to count minutes, nanoseconds, whatever before I could get to sleep.


  1. Early to bed...
    Early to rise...

    Good lifestyle!

  2. "Late"... at 10.39pm Ron ? Or is your blog clock wrong?

    Nice set of hat and expression pics by the way - where are they?
    Have I slipped into a parallel blog-world today?

  3. My inner clock is always wrong (or doesn't know it's right)!

    The hat and expression pics published when they shouldn't have. You probably view in a higher resolution than I do and therefore get to see all the pics. On mine (and others of that ilk), one sees 1 and a half pics across and that just looks stupid. So I withdrew it. That damned email business fucks me up like this every once in a while!


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