Thursday, November 01, 2007

Celebrate 140 Posts At MFBQ

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Now has exceeded it's original goal of 20 important sticky posts by 120. Most Frequent Blogger Questions now has 140 helpful posts or FAQ's, and that's weird. It was never meant to grow to such a tome. It was just that I had accumulated about 20 useful Notepad files and thought that I could just print them out, then point Blogger Newbies in that direction, and go off and dream my dreams. It didn't work. Maybe it should have; there were many guides and Park Rangers and Goody-Goodies to tend the tender Newbies along the way without me. I've become just one of the crowd. That's how I see it. There are some of the "experts" who know more than I know, and it's plain to see. There are also some experts who don't even write with any frequency on the subject of Blogger codes and such, yet some of them know more than the rest of us, I think. They are busy with other clever work, I think, and only drop in at Blogger from time to time. Sometimes I think all of them know more than I do. Nonetheless, I can help. And that's not such a bad thing.


  1. No, it is a very GOOD thing, my friend. The blog is a far better place for the likes of you. (x)

  2. It's an accident, though, like a kid wetting the bed because he can't wake up.


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