Monday, August 10, 2009

Salvation Coming?

The World Goes On

I hate all this, I must admit--
There's no way of knowing
When I'll stop caring or start
Or when it'll all be fixed
Or when it may end
Or if it ever will move on
And be like the second coming of anything for anyone.


  1. Nonetheless I love all the girls. Even the ones who aren't Hot are very attractive.

  2. This may not be a perfect poem, but still I consider it a little gem!

  3. It is indeed a little gem, Ron!
    It's melancholy though - or pessimistic - or something.

    It's the opposite of the words I erected as my desktop pic the other day - "Desiderata".
    Yours is the antithesis of it - we need both to keep a healthy balance, I suppose. :-)

  4. I expect a lot of people would tend toward your message, but I've been listening/reading Desiderata since before the first hippie was born and it has the unfortunate effect on me that most cliches eventually cause. The overuse of great literature is often that way--some people still can't stand to hear Robert Frost's best-known poems Again!

    Melancholy is my middle name. No, that can't be true, my middle initial is "C"! Maybe it stands for "communist", you think?


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