Thursday, August 13, 2009

Paul Is Dead (No, Not That One!)

Another Celebrity Bites The Dust

Les Paul is dead.

That's a little bit sad, but he lived a long life (age 94) and a full one. Lots of music, lots of musical inventions! A lot of musicians and a lot of music listeners owe him a lot!

His life's over. He didn't exactly fuck it up, did he?


  1. Yeah, we should all have had such a great creative ride. And left the world a better place.

  2. Yes, but you speak of yourself in the past tense! Are you dead? Is it already too late? Oh, Lord, have we lost her?! If you need it, I'll attest that you were a great piece of--uh, work before you gave out!

  3. I guess he came in on the wave BEFORE the one that took so many promising musicians away again due to over-indulgence of one sort or another. That fact stood him in good stead. The entertainment world changed soon after his rise to fame, and became a more glittery but more dangerous world to live in.
    RIP Les Paul.

  4. Yeah. It's probably every generation's duty to complain that "all our best artists" bite the dust too soon. A certain unlucky percentage of every category of people die relatively young and somebody is bound to make too much of it that their celebrity "hero" has died. Of course, most of them were rather chickenshit heroes who courted their own deaths with a variety of bad habits and risk-taking behavior. Celebrities are like buses; there'll be another one any minute and we can jump on that one.

    Okay, so I'm feeling snarky.


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