Saturday, August 01, 2009

Let Everything Be

Don't worry, don't cry,
Don't ever change--
But stay out of range.
Let everything be itself,
Especially you and me.

Don't say too much or hear too much
Or complain because we can't behave.
I swear I'm often just acting or reacting
And everyone's a target,
Including you and me, until we're dead.


  1. I like this one, Ron. Another sparse and clear one- an Occam's Razor kind of poem.
    Reminded me of the Beatles too "Whisper words of wisdom - Let it be"

  2. Are you going to "raze" me down to size or are you just pointing out that I have done so?

    p.s. Though not on my mind, that is one of my favorite Beatles songs! It's 3 simple words that are almost always going to mean the same thing, so we can only escape them if we never use them. But I figure, Bugger them all!

  3. But I'm glad to know that someone thought about it!

  4. Raze you down to size? That'd be a task for Hercules !

    No, the poem is already razored to precision by its clever author. :-)

  5. Do you know Hercules? Must be nice!


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