Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bernie Madoff vs. Kathy Griffin

I need another fix, boys and girls. Sexual hijinks would do, but if you can't, you can't. You could send money instead. If Bernie Madoff took your dough, then write me a gracious comment and I'll try not to make fun of you.

I wonder just how many people would love to kill Madoff? I'd like to kill him and I didn't even have financial dealings with him. At the least, I'd enjoy knocking the snot out of the hateful little shit with one of those little souvenir baseball bats! Wouldn't you?

When I worked in Pest Control, I kept one of those little bats around for the rats that office workers would trap and then call me! They'd worked so hard, but every time declined to finish the damn job! I'd get some funny looks as I left the building with the bat in one hand and "something" wrapped up in an old rag!

Oh, about those comments I asked for. Keep in mind that I'm in love with Kathy Griffin, the D-list comedienne, and that therefore my brainwaves have become even further deformed than they used to be, though you can be pretty sure I won't send you any rats. I haven't seen any real ones for years!

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