Wednesday, August 05, 2009

George Sodini--Mr. Nobody

You read about madmen who shoot up their gym or school or whatever, then off themselves, and you wonder why they didn't just cut to the chase. If it's a mental defect to contemplate suicide, I think it's even more so to want to kill others first, especially if it's strangers that you intend to kill. Thinking about George Sodini's sick sad bio that's been revealed so far, though, what else could he have done? Everyone was a stranger to a pitiful loser like him--that's all he could have killed!

If Society were a living consciousness--which it's not--I guess you could say that it really fucked George up. Anyway, he wasn't the first one and won't be the last one who flips out. Sodini talks mean about his mother in his diary, but she must not have been very tough or she'd have strangled him in his cradle! Stupid woman.


  1. Your post sent me off to Google for information. I read his blog/diary quickly. Sickening. And to think an unbalanced individual such as he is entitled own several firearms. It just cannot be right!

    Surely his doctor or some relative noticed how unbalanced mentally he was. I guess he'll be one of thos people where the neighbours say "He was such a nice quiet man....."

    Wish I knew his date/place of birth. It'll probably come out eventually.

  2. Some people are crazy, at every level and in every way. At every moment of our lives, we know someonen like this who isn't noticeable, who has simply not gone entirely off the rails yet.


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