Thursday, August 06, 2009


I wonder if five is a magic number (or a cursed one)? These days it seems to me that about half the people who've been on my "Intelligent Blogs" list at some point started out so eager and energetic that some of them wrote, not only daily, but every five hours. These days, the same people have gotten to where they are more likely to write every five days or five weeks. I now assume that the ones who haven't written for five months don't much plan to write in their blog again. All these people were important constituents of my "world" for the past five (?!) years, though, and it feels very strange now. Many are gone, but even those who remain are changed. Some of us are like cadavers--not all the changes are good. Even though we keep the blog looking alive, I realize that it may just be rolling downhill.

Lately I have tried hard to find some new blogs that are as fascinating as the old ones were, but so far I've failed. I'll have to try harder. There's bound to be some, so it's probably my shortcoming that I do not recognize them when they flit past! I am probably wearing out, like that old Tin Man from "The Wizard of Oz". If only Judy Garland would come along in cute little pig-tails and give me a brain, a heart, and a terrific damn hard-on, I'd be all set!


  1. I can't imagine ever having wanted to do more than one blog entry a day, but almost eight years later I'm still averaging nearly five blog entries a week.

    I guess you have to write for yourself if you're going to have any hope of continuing.

    I have noticed a sharp drop in visits in the last year, though. I wonder if it has something to do with RSS feeds.

  2. I wonder about the "feeds", too. Mainly, I think the Internet can just happen so fast, change so fast. Even if we haven't taken a single step, we may look beneath us and see that the planet has moved on without us, whether left, right, up, or down!

    You nearly always wrote "significant" blog posts, whether of length or merit or both. It would hardly have been possible to do more than one a day. I got to where I'd sometimes write 2 or 3 posts a day, and of course they became shorter or more trifling or both!

  3. Intelligent blogs? You can't find better blogs once you've read the very best of the best!

  4. I presume you're buttering up yourself since you didn't name any names! That's okay, though--I don't want to end up insulting your kith and kin!

  5. I've noticed bloggers in my own circle grinding to a halt or posting less frequently than 2 or 3 years ago. Can't say about "5" because I haven't been blogging that long yet.

    I guess it comes down to evolution - maybe only the strong survive. It depends what one wants to get from the effort. If it's a few extra $$$s, then I don't thing blogging is it - unless you are Arianna Huffington or the Daily Kos, or Drudge.

    But if we write for our own amusement and edification, I doubt there's a better medium than a blog. It costs nothing - which continues to amaze me. We are our own bosses and can control just about every aspect of our wee worlds. That appeals - though I'm not exactly a control freak, I don't like people telling me what to do (e.g. moderators on forums).

    I'll continue until it doesn't amuse me any more, I guess, and hope you'll do the same - even if your entries get briefer, they are still worthwhile. Love the poetry.


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