Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Rush of Slowing Down

What did I do with all those people in my life
I used to talk to with the frequency
I guess I could only obtain when young,
But it's all done now.
Now there's this, only this,
Where we've stopped and I wait in a long line with strangers
For the men's room at some freeway McDonald's
After a long ride that wasn't fun
And there is no rest to speak of
For when I get to the front of the line and enter,
It's the foulest-smelling earthly pit
That God ever pissed on
Or Man ever cursed
And I've held it back so long
While rushing to it that now I can't even go!
Now God's the only one who's pleased or pissed
And he's cursed me, too.

Maybe I'll dig through the garbage
For one of those Super Size cups
And give that a try while I steer the car with one hand.
I wonder if I'll manage not to spill it this time?
I hope I don't get no disease from that trash can!

They say don't feel sorry for oneself,
But I feel sorry for everyone
And the sorry state we're in—
It's just that I'm the one I know,
So I'm the one I pity!
Go waste your own way or water where you will!

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