Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Wish It Weren't Such a Difficulty!

Talking About My Junk

It's strange, but I still get a few inquiries emailed to me every week from "Most Frequent Blogger Questions". I do have a "final" post there at the top of the blog that's meant to inform people that I am gone, retired, eviscerated, and hollow, but I guess I need to remove the "Email Me" in the sidebar--I guess it's serving as a sort of mouse-trap. Yes, I should; my emailers probably aren't at all stupid, but just desparate for an answer. I hope their asking me is a sign that they're asking Everyone they encounter. I've tried to answer the easy ones, but it's only a bad reminder to me and I don't want to be remembering all that much. To be kind to myself, I have to be a little unkind to these strangers, so I try to not respond at all any more. I need to get my former life back! Nevertheless, the death of MFBQ seems to be making it easier to do a few posts here, much more frequent posts and a little better quality (though it's still junk).

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