Friday, January 05, 2007

New Confusions

Poem From Tom Sawyer's Unpublished Diary

I don’t like to think
About places that don’t exist
And I don’t like to think
About places that do.

What I really like, Miss,
Is to sit in the shade
With my toes in the river,
Jerking off while
Thinking of you.

Current draft: 01/05/07
©1980 Ronald C. Southern

Young poets on the run,
Beware of ending up
A bent and slow old man who observes,
"I've got poems older than you!"


  1. At last! Next Blog threw up something worth reading! Good links too.

    Great blog Mr. Rat.

    I like what you've done to the Harbour template too. I opted to swap to minima to customise 'cos it was easier.

    I'm an astrology blogger at
    you are probably not into that sort of thing - although you are an Aquarian, like me - so perhaps you wonder about it.

  2. Ah ha...fresh cheese for the Rat!

    I like that older than dirt poem - kind of reminds me of my youth - and my retirement come to think of it.

  3. Twilight--I hate it when tiny little photos, when clicked, render another tiny photo! Oh, well, you have a nice site, though it makes little sense to me. Uh, the parts that weren't about astrology, were nice, though...

    I left the rocks in the Harbor template, but mostly because I'm lazy. No one ever sees the blog that far down, anyway!

    Mushy and others will tell you that the rat is deranged; but he just dresses that way! Anyway, I'm not him!

    But who the hell am I?

  4. Mushy, I can picture you on the river, I guess...

    Jeez, quit that, you know you're disgusting!

  5. LOL! I love that poem...;)

  6. I would have to be extra-careful, and make sure no piranhas were in the creek---They ARE "meat-eaters", you know! But then again, I guess to be in danger of such, I would have to fall completely IN.......!

  7. Now that Valentine's Day is coming up, Ron, you should really try to sell that poem to Hallmark. It would look great in one of their cards;)

  8. I believe Mushy said he'd model for the picture. Or was that Bruno? Anyway, nobody'd believe it of me, so I can't do the job. Ahem!

  9. Ron - sorry about the teeny tiny photo - I was under the impression when I opened the Blog that we were restricted to teeny tiny ones (as in avatars on message boards)
    Will try to rectify. I'm still ham-fisted at this game!

  10. Ron - sorry about the teeny tiny photo - I'm still ham-fisted at this game. I thought we were restricted to avatar size pics for the profile. I'll try to rectify.

  11. No harm done; I've been mistaken like that, myself!


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