Sunday, January 07, 2007

Let's Get Political

I don't suppose it's necessary to become as bad as Saddam Hussein in order to kill him, but for that matter I'm not sure that would be very possible! You could kill him, you could stomp him into a greasy spot, but you'd still be a few hundred thousand other deaths short of equalling the elegant, unflappable Murdering Bastard Saddam! What the fuck do I care if he was the totalitarian Head of State in Iraq!!!

Iraq may have made a big mistake with their hurried execution and stupid inability to snatch everyone's camera phones, but they would not have made such a mistake if it wasn't for America! That's right, it was all our fault! If when we found him hiding in his rat hole in the sand, we'd just shot him to pieces and then thrown a handgun down in the bloody hole with him and said, "Jeez, the crazy bastard was reaching for it!", it would've all been over. Less millions, less TV time, less whine whine whimper whimper about the monster's civil rights!

Would it have been so wrong to have just killed him with a hammer? I guess there's always somebody who wants to pretend that there is a civilized posture you can remain in when you're at war. But it isn't true. When you go to war, you go to Hell. Not only does everything go wrong, but you ARE wrong! You cannot make it right.

Oh, damn, we've let the Iraqis kill Saddam Hussein! How could we do that?

What the fuck did we expect? He's dead. Is he good and dead? Well, then, that's good. If some Iraqis kill other Iraqis over it, that's good, too. Just get the American soldiers out of the way and We, at least, will be on the way back to being Civilized! Give George Bush a sharp stick and a dull wit and a Bible, but no bombs; then let him finish the war. See which Infidels God strikes. God has not been discerning about it, so far. If you want to pretend that He has been, you must be George Bush's best asshole-buddy.

No, I'm not worried about Saddam going to hell. And I'm not worried about that asshole George going to Heaven, either.

Why do I seem to hear Olivia Newton-John in the background singing that damn song, "Let's Get Physical?" Does EVERYTHING in this Pop culture suggest some other stupid cliche, jargon, or worn-out media phrase?

I think so.


  1. Are we still arguing over what "real men do" or don't do?

    Real Men don't taunt their dictator, apparently. But why not? Because it doesn't look good on TV? Give me a break.

  2. You are commenting on your own post...:)

    Firstly, we were fools to go in to Iraq in the first place. As evil as Sadam was (he is responsible for a million deaths) he was the secular counterweight to some of the even more fanatical regimes around him like Syria and Iran.

    Of course this President, with all that taking God does to him, probably didn't even realize that there was more than one type of Muslim in Iraq or how big their borders are to keep foreigners out or even the fact that Iraq was created after the break up of the Ottoman empire and that's why three types of people who hate each other live within it's borders.

    Bring the troops home and develop real fuel alternatives to oil. It's that fucking simple.

    By the way, happy New Year Ron.

  3. Thank you for the help re: my Blogger problem!

  4. Nobius, you old sod, are you still here?

    You're right, but who listens to you, other than me and 2 or 3 dead guys?

  5. I've been saying this for a few years now. Someone should have thrown a grenade down in the hole and put an end to it. Who knew, I guess. Maybe they thought they could unify the country by putting him on trial. Who knows. It's terribly inconvenient to be "civilized", whatever that is. You can't sustain a war like this and be a great power in the world and be "nice" and "safe" at the same time.

  6. By God, Rat! You've actually hit it right on the head with this one! But it's already too late to play the "what-if" game. Yes, get our troops OUT! Shouldn't have been there to start with! This entire war has went from pay-back for 9/11, to "saving" the Iraqi people from themselves! I basically agreed with the action taken in Afghanistan, but when George W. started on his Operation Iraqi Freedom kick, I thought, "What the HELL is he trying to prove?" Are we in THAT desperate need of "fresh-oil"? And I thought the "original" name of all of this was "Enduring Freedom"---I guess I heard it wrong, huh?........

  7. Seems to speak for itself, though there is amazingly little call for Bush to be impeached.

  8. True, very true! But just look at what the hell we would be replacing him with! The next election scares me! Just look at the choices that might be available! The lesser of two evils, huh?

  9. Well, they impeached Clinton just for the sake of throwing mud on his suit, and that would satisfy me about Bush. Nobody in America has the nuts to make a politician do the right thing or to pay for his wrong. We didn't even want anybody to burst Saddam's balloon. We're so nice that we should all be killed by some nice polite tigers or bears.


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