Friday, January 05, 2007

Another Foggy Night And Morning

I did a better job of taping the eye-patch to my face last night and it didn't come loose at all. It also didn't blind me with the tape across the eye, so I had placed it more sensibly! I slept pretty well. I didn't have to remove the eye-patch until I was ready to step into the shower, then uh-oh! It was super-glued to my face! Just in case it'd help, I stepped into the shower with it still on my face and let it soak a little. I don't think it came loose any better from being wetted; I think I just calmed down some under the warm water and got a better hold of the tape and it did come loose. I thought that was pretty good until I realized that the sticky stuff left behind by the tape was REALLY DIFFICULT TO REMOVE! I was out of the shower and drying off before I realized some of it was still in my hair--yuck!

I wonder what my face will feel like after 2 weeks of this? If i have all my skin, I guess it'll be plastered with gluey stuff. I went to another doctor's appointment this morning and he said it was a little better, but still had the scratch. They put another new contact lens "bandage" on it to help it heal and now I'll return on Monday. The reason my eye got scratched is that the deadening drug used in the operation started wearing off too early on Tuesday evening, allowing my eyelid to open and the eye scratched itself against the gauge or whatever they'd dressed it with. Drugs never did have all that much effect on me, except for some of the illegal ones. Maybe they should have thrown in some pot on top of the pharmacy stuff? If nothing else, I'd have slept well and not had such fluttery eyelids!


  1. I thought you only had to wear the patch at night for one or two nights? You're saying two weeks?

  2. You were probably winking at a nurse!

  3. Hi Ron, I came to read the endless details as you suggested. Have to admit I couldn’t help a smile and a chuckle or two. Sorry it was at your expense, but you did write it up so well!

    Oh, me, so much to look forward to; seems cataracts run in my family. I remember several years ago the idea that microwave ovens cause cataracts was making the rounds through the grassroots of the nation. I’m surprised no one has started the tale that computer screens cause them. I could almost believe that – but not really.

    Same day - Jan. 2, my Eye Doc. gave me the news my eye pressure is up and I’m to use two types of eye drops daily. Hope no one comes around with a camera while I’m attempting that! Wonder what eye drops do to the inside of noses!

    What a way we’ve started the New Year!

  4. You should get a "buff puff". You can find it at the grocery store in the aisle for facial cleansers. They're usually placed on the top row and come in a peach colored box.

    That'll remove the gunk build up on your skin from your eye patches. I would recommend using it with a soap like Dial or Dawn. Those soaps are pretty good at breaking up gunk.

    Hope your scratch heals itself soon!

  5. Alisa, hope I can remember to look for it (the buff puff)! Sounds like something one has to do naked, doesn't it? Oh boy!


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