Saturday, January 27, 2007


I stole this from someone. It was someone female, someone nice or else attractive, but I can't remember who it was. Sorry, sweetie!

Ten Things About You
1. okay, here I am! Isn't that surprise enough?
2. I read a lot. I was given acknowledgement for it as early as the second grade. Some other kids and a teacher helped me carry the 40 or so books I had read that semester to the auditorium so that I could be recognized. Big whoop. When it was all over, who do you think had to carry all those books back to the library? That's right, just me. All for no money and no gold medal. Sigh.
3. I hide my feelings. Is that anal retentive? But the books say anal retentive involves being that way because you're trying to please everyone. That hasn't applied to me for decades. I do like to avoid confrontations, but on the other hand I can blow up faster and bigger than makes any sense! So maybe I'm anal explosive?
Sounds like a monkey in the zoo, doesn't it?
4. I've been attracted to almost every woman I've ever known, at least at some point. But I'm still attracted to most of them, even now. I guess it's a grand delusion on my part.
5. I get more like my father as time goes by. He used to be able to yawn in the middle of an interesting TV program and walk right out on it. Now I can, too!
6. my grown nephew took my Dad's old red Craftsman tool boxes the other day, leaving me many of the tools that were in and taking the others. I don't mind. But it brought to my attention that in some sense I must still consider the tools my Dad's, because I'm hesitant to remove any of them from the garage myself! A tire pressure gauge that would have been handier in my car had remained in the garage all these 15 years! The other day I bought a new one at WalMart and threw the old one away, a task I found a little difficult even though it was old and unreliable. We are often attached to things that really don't seem like they'd be very sentimental items. But there's still plenty of his stuff in the garage or around the house, so don't cry about me!
7. I actually like Glucerna (the diabetic drink); I've gotten used to it! The chocolate flavor is best, but the vanilla is all right.
8. The best sugar-free item I've ever found is Jello sugar-free vanilla pudding! I eat it nearly every day.
9. I'm very poor this month
10. I want to buy a more expensive hat, but I'm too lazy to go shopping. Maybe I'll stumble across it someday when I'm running some other errand?

Nine Things You Love
1. women in general
2. reading
3. my niece and nephew
4. puppies
5. flashlights
6. music
7. old friends
8. erotic sensations
9. remembering my favorite old dog Grey

Eight Songs Artists You Love
1. Beatles
2. Rolling Stones
3. Graham Parker
4. Joni Mitchell
5. Joan Baez
6. Doors
7. Edith Piaf
8. Kid Creole

Seven Things You Wear Daily
1. Glasses
2. slip-on shoes
3. shirt
4. jeans
5. belt
6. crew socks
7. jockey shorts

Six Things That Make You Smile
1. niece and nephew
2. old photos
3. favorite old songs
4. dopey dogs
5. old friends
6. Sponge Bob Square-Pants cartoons

Five Things You're Looking Forward To
1. seeing Janice again
2. watching "Judging Amy" on TV
3. getting well and seeing better
4. fucking a good old girl who isn't snotty
5. less time in the bathroom

Four Things You're Scared Of
1. reptiles
2. people in general
3. women in particular
4. computer viruses

Three Things That Annoy You
1. Bad drivers
2. squirrels
3. lizards

Two Of Your Favorite Books
1. Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen
2. Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien

One Thing You Can't Live Without
1. computer


  1. Well Ron my friend, I like your list. It would seem we have some things in common.Accept I don't like women and I have no fear of men. It's just at this point in time can't see any reason for
    Ah, Edith Piaf just lovely and Joni Mitchell too!
    Well know I know more about you then before. That's a good thing.
    I have a guestion for you about my blog. Last week I had word verification on my comments and now I do not. I have cheked my settings on comments and I have it set to allow WV on comments. What's up? Do you think you can help me? Let me know.

    thanks my dear, love-bd-aka-Melanie

  2. LOL! I had to read that twice, because I thought you meant that you'd borrowed the lot from a female - I kept thinking - 'a man wrote this, or was it a lesbian it's a man!' Why does Ron think it was a female! LOL! Daft me!

    Ann (Twilight)


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