Friday, January 26, 2007

Fooling Everyone

A year and a half ago
I was robust, robust enough
At any rate to fool everyone that I was ok,
And so I hid my illness a very long time
Before I fell apart.
It’s been no secret for the past year, though.
I’ve become a feeble old man in a short span
And before all expectation.
Weak, anemic, diabetic, dizzy,
And plagued with other ills
And taking more pills than I ever took
In my life. It is my life now,
Counting out pills each morning, bent over,
And I just tolerate it, I guess,
And hope that it doesn’t get worse
Or else that I don’t care or mind.
But I’d like to get well again,
If it’s all the same to hell and paradise.


  1. This growing old is certainly not for weaklings.

    Oh, yeah, it is for weaklings, isn't it? Or at least it tries to weaken us.

    All I've found is to try to live the healthiest life style you can within your limitations and hope that your the healthiest corpse anyone's ever since when you finally catch that last big train.

  2. Orjust go along half-healthy til you die at 150?

  3. I am not sure what is worse. Being told "you're going to die and you have x amount of time to live" or "you're not really ill, but your body is failing so here's 20 prescriptions and good luck."


    I hope that things get better for your health this year.

  4. You seem to have neem having a bad day when you wrote that one, Ron.
    Hope you're feeling brighter now.

    It's better to have a young mind in an old body than an old mind in a young body - and I'd say you've managed that much. :-)

  5. Alisa and Twilight: c'mere and let an old guy give you a hot nuzzle! I could enjoy it, why not you?

  6. Ïf it's all the same to Hell & Paradise." Not half damn bad, Mr. Ron. Can't say I blame you. I have to tell you though, angriness I think has a lot to do with it. The more you have the worse you get I think. My Mom was he angriest person I ever met and it ate her clean up by the end. Just a thought. I do enjoy stopping on on occasion. Take care - Dan


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