Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Waiting For Godot

(And Getting Nada For It)

I suppose anything could be compared to that old play about waiting for Godot. You have a terrible feeling of being frozen somewhere in time and waiting for something, someone, that does not arrive. Should we wait at all, I ask myself—it’s doubtful, but it’s our habit!

We wait around waiting for a friend to call or come by, but he or she never said when. We postpone other jobs or trips because we think we have to be available! Our friend promised to do us a favor, so we have to be around! They know their own schedule, but don’t seem to think you need to know as much as you want to know. If you’re not coming today, I’d like to know that. If you’re not coming until next week, I’d like to know that, too! The phone works both ways, of course, but how many times can I call before one or both us gets irritable? Apparently, my friend should not have made that promise, at least not to me, because I'm the dumb bastard who'll believe them!

When you’re sick and the busy doctor’s office has promised to phone in some prescription for you to the pharmacy, you wait and wait. As the hours go by, you phone both pharmacy and doctor a couple of times to see if they’re forgotten or if it’s done because you’re in dire discomfort! Seven hours later you’re at the pharmacy, waiting even longer as they take their turn, maybe not at being Godot, but at being about as slow-poke as you can bloody well stand!

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