Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Big Fat 53

I’ve made some changes over there in the sidebar. What used to be “20 Pretty Good Ones” is now “53 Pretty Good Ones”. It may not be an accurate count, but I tried until I ran out of fingers and toes and warts. Then I estimated. In any case, you can tell it’s a significant number of additions!

For those never tempted to look at it in the first place, it’s just as boring as before. I added some that were old back into the list as well as some more that are more recent, but still old. Next time I add so many, I'll only add more recent ones and I’ll probably have to subtract the really old ones. Or maybe not.

I notice that the list went unchanged for over a year without anyone remarking on it at all, so I suspect it’s a toy for me and me only!

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