Monday, April 17, 2006

Miffed And Mystified

Time passes quickly when you’re miffed and mystified. Don’t ask what that means, I think it just sounds good at the moment. Poets and songwriters do that sort of thing all the time. I can’t really speak for songwriters, but I know I often just talk and talk (or write and write) and later I sift through the pretties for some bits that also make sense. Or might make sense, if altered only a little. Thus many of my poems and stories have evolved from gibberish or things that said something else entirely! What did they say those original lyrics for the Beatles’ “Yesterday” were—something like “scrambled eggs, I ordered scrambled eggs…” Of course Music works like that; it might have ended up a mournful but pretty song about breakfast, you know?

I’m floating around inside myself just now, not concentrating on too much. I’ve abandoned looking at the Blogger Help Group for today or longer. It feels good when I help someone, I admit to that. But it’s also sort of deflating to deal with so many people who make their own problems. Those who’ve been caught by some Blogger Quirk need help, but those who merely want Blogger to do what they’ve seen elsewhere seem obtuse and overly ambitious to me. Everybody worries about his or her Archives a good deal and some people want them in reverse order. I think some cats just want to reverse everything they encounter! Be that as it may, they can get help for most of these obtuse things, they just won’t get it from me!

It’s remarkable to me how many new Bloggers want the most extreme modifications! I have more in common with those who just want to improve their fonts or be able to underline words or otherwise learn the basics. A lot of them are all jabbering about Java Script and other things that help them do double back flips with a smile, complications I don’t much plan to pick up even now, but I certainly wasn’t interested in them during the first week I started blogging! But they’re entitled! If they’re ambitious and noisy and young, what’s it to me? And why in the world should I let it bear down on me? Indeed, why? A blogger should write, I think; not program or answer questions about templates. I forget the real focus sometimes. I’m a writer, not a techie, and I need to keep that in mind! Maybe every blogger considers himself a writer of sorts; but I’m a snob and always have been! I know the difference, at least between the good and the bad writing that I do! I like variety in writing, but I like quality more! I suppose I need to refocus. Ho hum. Try not to get burned by my blinding speed.

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