Thursday, April 13, 2006

More Onward Through The Blog Fog!

(AKA Which Way My Wog Woes!)

I once had a dog that I liked, but now there’s only me. You sort it out; I can’t explain this crap.

I got my debit card activated a couple of days ago. I even used a human instead of an auto-teller, so I know it was done. I’d previously selected four digits for a PIN. I thought that all was taken care of. But I didn’t really feel it!

I felt like: Watch this shit, the first time I use it, it’ll blow up, it’ll ring alarm bells, the crappy thing’ll malfunction and draw attention to me in a busy store with a long impatient waiting line behind me and some cashier who doesn’t know how to deal with it! And that’s what it did, of course. Why do they have you pick out a PIN if it isn’t going to work, I wonder? In the end, the lead-dog Wal-Mart cashier just changed it from debit to credit and then it went through. I’ve known that to happen before, but I don’t see why the dogshit it should ever happen, much less happen often.

I called the credit union and they said I’d have to pass by the bank and report it so that I could swipe my card through a machine there and get a new PIN. What’s this about? That carefully chosen four digits (that I knew I could remember because it meant something to me) now has to be changed when it’s not my fault?!

Jesus, I don’t know why I trust this card or this bank with my money when they can’t do jackshit that’s right! But I’ll live. I'm not really married to that PIN.

In better news, I decided to bite one little bullet and get a high speed Internet connection with the phone company. The first nitwit I contacted told me it was $26 a month and I hung up on the woman. I couldn’t understand her very well, anyway. I wasn’t sure if she was not American or just not speaking very clear English—maybe she was only from Nu Yok or some other northern city! Later, there was a young man who spoke clearly and was more of a salesman. He gave me all the details of the high and low prices, informed me of a 14.99 and a 19.99 per month plan. The $15 a month deal that’s slightly slower was more my speed and I took it!

Ostensibly, by Wednesday of next week I’ll be connected and blazing my trail to Hades or Glory in total disregard of the rest of the local civilized population! And I won’t be tying up my phone line all the time! (There may not be cause for national celebration, but a few souls around here will be glad that I finally got off the dime!)

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