Monday, April 10, 2006

Save Your Template!

Recently I was reading in Blogger Help Group about worried people whose templates have been truncated or damaged by Blogger gremlins or who themselves make changes to the templates that they soon regret. Why, I keep thinking doesn’t everyone “play it safe” and save occasional copies of their template? It would eventually be worth something to them; I know from experience with my own hair-brained changes to the template!

Depending on how much I am making changes to the template, I save various copies of it. I save them as html files in my HTML Editor directory where I can (to some extent) view them, though without posts. If I didn’t have the editor, I’d save templates as html files in a Notepad directory where there’d be no risk of getting formatted codes mixed in as Word might do to them. It’s simple to use the initials of the blog plus 6 digits for the date to keep track of which safe copy is which—which may end up looking like TRS041506.HTML (which would tell me I saved it on 04/15/2006).

Think about it; it may not keep you from biting the big one, but it’s not complicated and it’ll give you a way back out of a fiasco!

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