Thursday, April 27, 2006

Can’t Get Anything Done


In other news today, I can’t get anything done. Got up late this morning because I’d gotten so cold during the night that I couldn’t Emerge from my cocoon! I went to Best Buy for the computer rig that was on sale and they were out. I didn’t stay, as I didn’t want to be talked into spending more! I wonder why they still had it on display? Because they’re knuckleheads, that’s why! If they’d knocked some off the floor model, I might have taken it, but they didn’t offer and I didn’t want to trifle with trash like them! (Thank you, Randy Newman.) Then I went by my podiatrist’s office to see about some paperwork and damned if I wasn’t there during their lunch break. The door was locked, the lights were out! Not wanting to wait 45 minutes, I departed. I should learn to use the goddamn phone before I go forth into the world because I don’t find the drive to be that much fun when nothing gets accomplished!

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